Blackjack pizza (Littleton, CO) was the place where Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold worked before the shooting.[1]

Philip Duran also worked at Blackjack Pizza and helped Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold acquire the TEC-DC9 used in the shooting. Matt Jackson, another coworker at the pizza place, introduced them to Mark Manes, who would later be arrested for his role in providing the TEC-DC9 and some of the ammo the gunmen used. Nate Dykeman and Chris Morris also worked at the pizza place but while Chris was described as being very close with Harris and Klebold, Nate didn't seem to want to spend his time with them.

Two years before the shooting, Eric brought a pipe bomb to Blackjack Pizza because he wanted to blow up a watermelon with it. His boss knew about the explosive but didn't report it to authorities. When Columbine investigators later asked if it ever occurred to him that the pipebomb was dangerous and illegal, Bob Kirgis (owner and manager of Blackjack Pizza where Eric and Dylan worked), said: "Yeah. That's why I sent him out of the store with it. I was worried that he was going to set it off in my store."

Kirgis said he was originally going to send Harris home, but he needed him to work that night, so he had Harris go put the pipebomb in his car instead. Dylan Klebold also had issues at work: He hit an assistant manager who reprimanded him for poor performance and he quit briefly over an incident involving an explosive. He was later rehired when the pizza place was hard up for help.


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