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This site is dedicated to gather all the information related to the Columbine High School Massacre. By the said, we have never had the intention to condone the perpetrators actions nor glorify them, the site exists for educational and periodistical purposes and we are totally against this kind of content and points of view for respect to the victims. On Columbine Wiki you can contribute with our articles always, but we do not allow Fan Art nor insulting on articles (Every article has its own comment section, you can use it to leave an opinion or a condolence). The site is administrated by Vicente L. Silva.

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WobbleBod WobbleBod 9 June 2020

Soultaker 1990 - possible Hitman for Hire inspiration?

I believe Soultaker 1990 was one of the inspirations for Hitmen for Hire. It was featured on MST3K (mystery science theater), which Eric lists as one of his favorite shows in both his journal and on Dylan's yearbook and Sue writes that she watched this show with Dylan in her book.

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Malapochka Malapochka 11 November 2019

SPANISH FORUM - Foro abierto Comunidad Hispana

Este artículo ha sido creado con la intención de integrar a la comunidad de habla hispana a nuestro sitio. Como administrador con ésta como lengua madre, entiendo con empatía el no tener un sitio para nuestras investigaciones y fascinaciones en general respecto a temas de esta índole, a veces incluso tenien…

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Malapochka Malapochka 11 November 2019

Columbine Wiki FAQ - November 2019

This is an informative blog page dedicated to gather frequent and possible questions and their respective answers. FAQ's will be updated every month with more questions and situations. If you have a question, you can leave it on the comment section or send it to the admin's e-mail.

Last update: November 11, …

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Malapochka Malapochka 20 April 2019

Dave Sanders' Step-daughter Youtube Livestream (4/20/2019)

Cindy Smith has a Youtube Channel called Journey to the Quiet With Cindy. She is the late Columbine teacher William Dave Sanders step-daughter. This livestream started at 11:21 am. PST, as a symbolism to the hour the shooting started 20 years ago. 

In the 20th anniversary of the Columbine Massacre, she made …

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