Craig Scott is Rachel Scott's brother. He was fighting with Rachel before the incident. When his friends were killed by Dylan, he played dead, covered in blood, but not harmed. He was hiding under table 16 with his friends: Isaiah Shoels and Matthew Kechter. Dylan called Eric over, making a racist joke, then fatally shot Isaiah Shoels in the the chest. Then he fatally shot Matthew Kecher. Craig would soon learn that his sister Rachel was the first one to die in the massacre.

Two days after the shooting, Craig appeared on the Today Show (the image of him was taken from the interview) with the father of Isaiah Shoels. They talked about what went down at the school. The years following the shooting, Craig experienced a lot of anger, and one time even pulled a kitchen knife on his younger brother. Craig is still haunted by this, even though his brother wasn't hurt.

Craig and his family set up a program called Rachel's Challenge, where they travel to schools and share the story of Rachel Scott. Craig is still sharing Rachel's story to this day.