Photos of Dylan Klebold (left) and Eric Harris, used by news media.

Harris and Dylan Klebold Were the two perpetrators/terrorists behind the Columbine High School Massacre, killing twelve students and one teacher before turning their guns on themselves. This article explains how Harris and Klebold became friends, preceding the massacre.

Eric Harris

Eric David Harris was born in Wichita, Kansas. The Harris family relocated often, as Eric's father, Wayne Harris, was a U.S. Air Force transport pilot. His mother, Katherine Ann Poole, was a homemaker. The family moved from Plattsburgh, New York, to Littleton, Colorado, in July 1993, when Wayne Harris retired from military service. He met Dylan Klebold while enrolled at Ken Caryl Middle School.

Dylan Klebold

Dylan Bennet Klebold was born in Lakewood, Colorado, to Thomas and Susan Klebold (née Yassenoff). His parents attended a Lutheran church with their children, and Dylan and his older brother, Byron, attended confirmation classes in accordance with Lutheran tradition. At home, the family also observed some rituals in keeping with Klebold's maternal grandfather's Jewish heritage. Klebold attended Normandy Elementary in Littleton, Colorado for the first two grades before transferring to Governor's Ranch Elementary and became part of the CHIPS ("Challenging High Intellectual Potential Students") program. He found the transition to Ken Caryl Middle School difficult, where he befriended Eric Harris, who was new in town.

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