Jeanna Park is a former American student at Columbine High School. She was in the library with her sister at the time of the massacre.

Columbine High School Massacre

Jeanna was hiding under the table with Lauren Townsend, Lisa Kreutz, Diwata Perez, Kelly Fleming, and Valeen Schnurr when the shooters entered the library. Earlier she had seen Dylan Klebold run by the library window carrying a big gun; however, she couldn't see who it was who had entered the library at the time the shooting began since she was hiding, like the teacher had instructed. She heard the gunmen make a racial comment and joke about how they'd always wanted to do this. She heard them yelling and heard one of them (Eric Harris) shoot at some bookshelves and thought some people were being shot, but couldn't see what was going on from under the table. At one point she tried to leave her hiding place to reach her Freshman sister Kathy, who was over by the computer tables when the students were told to get down by Patti Nielson. Diwata Perez held her back, telling her that Jessica Holliday was over there with her and would take care of her.

When Valeen was flushed out from under the table she heard one of the gunmen ask her if she believed in god and later told investigators she knew it wasn't Dylan Klebold because she knew his voice from sharing a class with him before. There was a moment of silence afterward and Val crawled back under the table. Immediately the shooting resumed and Jeanna was shot from behind. She was hit in the right knee, right shoulder and left foot, and fell to the floor where she stayed until she noticed some of the other people in the library getting up and leaving. She went to leave as well, checking the computer tables for her sister. Not seeing her, Jeanna left alone.

She was released from the hospital April 26, 1999. Jeanna returned to Columbine when she was well enough and graduated with honors May 23, 1999.

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