Patrick Ireland was involved in the worst part of the shooting in the library where he spent his lunch with his friends Makai Hall, Daniel Steepleton, Corey DePooter and Austin Eubanks

During the shooting

After Patti Nielson entered the library with Evan Todd, he hid under a table together with his friends Makai and Dan even though at first he thought it was just a joke; the other two hid under a different table. When the gunmen entered the library and shouted "Everybody with white hats gets up" he closed his eyes and played dead. After some time and a lot of shooting, he heard Makai groan in pain. He looked over and saw that both of his friends had been shot. Patrick decided to crawl over between them to provide first aid but passed out because he had been shot in the head twice but hadn't noticed this before.

He passed in and out of consciousness for two hours but was woken by the fire alarm eventually. While still lying on the floor under a table relatively near to the site of the suicide of both gunmen, Partick heard coughing which a lot of people believe to be the last moments of Dylan Klebold who shot himself in the head but didn't die instantly but drowned in his own blood. Patrick still hadn't noticed that he was shot and decided that he had to get out of there immediately but he couldn't stand up since he had been shot in his leg. He crawled towards a window and managed to pull himself up. He wanted to jump out in case nobody was there to help him but luckily members of the SWAT team saw him and parked their car right under the window to pull Patrick out.

After the shooting

Rescue out of window

He was brought to St. Anthony Central Hospital and later moved to Craig Hospital. The whole time he insisted that he had been shot inside an emergency room and that both shooters had been wearing masks. 

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