Paul Smoker was one of the deputies who attended to help and control the Columbine High School Massacre.


We do not have enough information about Paul Smoker's biography.

Columbine High School Massacre

Paul Smoker was patrolling and writing speeding tickets at West Bowles Avenue when he received the report of a female injured at Columbine High School. He went on his motorcycle but then got inside of the patrol car that deputy Scott Taborsky was driving and both entered from the southwest side of the school. Smoker mentioned that he decided to go on the car because it would give him more protection than his motorcycle [1].

Smoker and Taborsky found two injured students. The first student the deputies got to was the furthest from the school, lying by the shed south of the baseball field. He told them that he was shot by "Ned Harris" (mispelled Eric Harris).

Sources and Linkography

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