This article is about a very recent school massacre, and by said, we can be wrong about some information that is being added. We beg you to use the comment section respectfully. Professor Raúl Brasil School Massacre victims may never be forgotten.

The Professor Raúl Brasil School Massacre (can be also known as Suzano School Shooting), was a 2019 school shooting at the Professor Raúl Brasil School in the Brazilian municipality of Suzano, São Paulo. The perpetrators were former students.



  • Guilherme Taucci Monteiro (17 years old) [DECEASED, suicide]
  • Luiz Henrique de Castro (25 years old) [DECEASED, suicide]


Monteiro and de Castro killed five students and two members of the staff and then committed suicide. The number of injured is not clear and some of the victims have not yet been named or confirmed.[1]


  • Caio Oliveira [15 year old student]
  • Claiton Antônio Ribeiro [17 year old student]
  • Douglas Murilo Celestino [16 year old student]
  • Kaio Lucas da Costa Limeira [15 year old student]
  • Samuel Melquíades Silva de Oliveira [16 year old student]
  • Eliana Regina de Oliveira Xavier [38 year old student]
  • Marilena Ferreira Vieira Umez [59 year old student]
  • Jorge Antônio Moraes (51) [uncle of Guilherme Taucci Monteiro]


  • This massacre claims to be inspired by the Columbine High School Massacre, due to its similarities and the confirmed posting of related stuff like the song Pumped Up Kicks.[2]
  • The massacre is now rated as the second most lethal Brazilian school shooting to date.


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