Radioactive Clothing is a home video made by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as well as a few friends for entertainment use only. In the video, which is fifteen minutes and eighteen seconds long, Eric and Dylan portray government agents sent out to "take out another one of those radioactive clothes infested camps". The boys, who are being driven in the backseat of a car by two other agents (Bowsky and Taggart) claim that they have been doing these kinds of jobs for two months, and they keep getting harder. Upon arriving at the location, the four meet up with a fifth agent, Tex, and they start gearing up; the boys open the trunk of the car and start handing out and choosing the weapons they will use.

After gearing up, they enter a home and proceed to search the basement. Upon going further, they encounter the clothes and take them out periodically. Before leaving, the team rig an explosive in the living room before heading outside to their vehicles. They put away their weapons, and the video concludes with Eric and Dylan smoking a cigarette. 

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