Samuel "Sam" Granillo was a student at Columbine High School and a survivor of the Columbine High School Massacre. He is also the creator of the documentary "Columbine: Wounded".


Sam has been described as kind, generous, passionate, and driven. He is ridiculously friendly and he genuinely cares about everyone. He’s someone that wants to see a smile on every face.


Sam Granillo hid in an office off of the cafeteria while the shooters prowled the school for several hours. The things he heard and witnessed would scar him and everyone there with him for life. In the aftermath of this, the students were promised free counseling for life. By the time most of them realized they were all dealing with post traumatic stress disorder, the funds had dried up, and those who needed the help but couldn’t afford it, like Sam, were out of luck. Sam is making a very important documentary about his and other students’ experiences during and after Columbine. The goal is to shed light on the help that they all have needed for the past decade, and have never received. However, it isn’t only meant to shed light on the students of Columbine, but to raise awareness about what people go through in the aftermath of events like these in general. Soldiers coming home from war are not the only people who live with what they’ve seen every day, and we often forget that. While Sam has been trying to raise funds for his documentary, Lifetime bought the rights to Dave Cullen’s book, Columbine. Last week, several outraged Columbine survivors created a petition to ask Lifetime not to dramatize the book. They are tired of their experience being exploited in this way. It’s time for someone who lived, someone who knows first hand what happened that day, to tell the story.


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