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Page Page views
Diwata Perez 29
Katherine Pool 29
Daniel Steepleton 28
Joyce Jankowski 27
Nicholas Foss 16
Adam Kyler 15
Mark Manes 15
Jessica Holliday 15
Deidra Kucera 15
Zero Hour: Massacre at Columbine High School 13
Dylan Klebold's Journal 12
Eric Harris's Journal 5
Colorado 3
Hitmen for Hire (Transcript) 2
Hurt (song by Nine Inch Nails) 2
Neil Gardner 1
Columbine Report 1
Paul Smoker 1
Scott Taborsky 0
Disposable Teens (song by Marilyn Manson) 0
1997-98 0
1996-97 0
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