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I was born on August 16, 2002 in the province of Concepción, Chile. I am obsessed with cinema, music, history and writing. But I'm not conventional. I write scripts for movies and I'm willing to study Film directing. I am an experienced non-professional percussion musician. You can contact me via email.

  • Bureaucrat in Zombies Fanon Wiki SPANISH and ENGLISH.  Fully in development but with no people active (which is not really my concern). It's now active for the publication of stories and fanworks on the Zombie genre.
  • Bureaucrat here, on Columbine Wiki. I have my own personal opinion on the subject, but I won't give it if it's not asked. Even by said, I repeat, I do not condone and have never. In fact, I have an enormous empathy for the affected people around this and I hope something like this never happens again (knowing that's too hard).

I'M ACTIVE! If you don't see me here full time doing hard work on the articles it's because I'm studying, preparing an university selection test and... you know, work it's enormous and hard here and I prefer to do it calmly and well done. Note: I don't think I'm changing Billie Holiday from that place. I use her pic because I'm a great fan.

Visit my personal site on Zombies Fanon ESP. 

Email address: vicenternse@gmail.com
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Email address: vicenternse@gmail.com  
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