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Hi everyone and welcome to Columbine Wiki. Main administrator here. These are some steps you need to follow if you want to edit on Columbine Wiki. Please read at least the first one if you want to add information, images or helping on redaction/grammar/typos. If you are just passing through, be welcome and have a nice day!

Editing on Columbine Wiki

Editing on Columbine Wiki, means you can add information to every article. For this, I will not bore you making unnecessary rules. When you contribute to Columbine Wiki, you should consider the following, in order of importance:

  1. This is not a fan community. We do NOT agree with gloryfing nor condoning the acts of the perpetrators as in fact, we feel empathy for the families and relatives of the damaged.
  2. This is an encyclopedia, we write about verified facts.
  3. As this said, you can write an article about popular controversies with the proper objective point of view (examples: We have articles for accused artists like Marilyn Manson, but also have art that was made inspired on Columbine like Marilyn Manson's Holy Wood album).

New stuff on the site (NOVEMBER UPDATE)

  • FAQ.
  • Infoboxes are now on all the articles of the wiki.
  • More categories (more easy navigation).
  • More images and videos.
  • The spanish speaking community now has a place on the wiki and have access to exclusive translated videos and material.

Working on...

  • Huge articles and their sources.
  • I have a list of stubs I call the Mala-stub. You can add any information you want there, images included.

That's all! Those three "rules" are everything I need you to have in mind when you decide to add something to this criminal case encyclopedia. If you want some help this is the link that will lead you to my Message Wall to ask, suggest and even chat if you want to, so you have the chance to know who I am.
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