Journey to the Quiet With Cindy Live Stream-1

Cindy Smith has a Youtube Channel called Journey to the Quiet With Cindy. She is the late Columbine teacher William Dave Sanders step-daughter. This livestream started at 11:21 am. PST, as a symbolism to the hour the shooting started 20 years ago. 

In the 20th anniversary of the Columbine Massacre, she made a livestream sharing the Columbine memorabilia she has in posession. Some of these were:

  • Dave Sanders' glasses, shirts and shoes. Cindy has kept them uncleaned and untouched.
  • Dave's ESPY award.
  • Dave's funeral photographs.

She also answered some questions people asked her. Columbine Wiki admin asked these questions:

  • Cindy, could you please keep this live video on your channel?
    • Absolutely! This is actually healing.
    • No, I have not. But my sister Coni has and there's a news article with my sister Coni Sanders embracing Sue Klebold. Just so you know, I have forgiven Eric and Dylan. It's a lot easier to move forward when you can forgive people. Yes, I would love to meet Klebold and Harris parents. Forgiveness is huge, if someone has done you wrong, done trauma, done something to you, life is too short to be angry, life is to short not to forgive. I live every day to the fullest because I never know if it's my last, you gotta appreciate life, find the positive and every day. I know it's not easy for a lot of people... and you just can't take life for granted. If you learn anything from mass shootings it's tell your loved ones you love them, hug them, kiss them.
  • Has Coni meet Eric's parents? There is never any info about them.
    • No, I think the Harris's are staying in their safety bubble and it's okay. It can't be easy to lose a child to a suicide so... that's a very good question.

Cindy's channel profile photo

Susan Klebold and Coni Sanders at the Columbine Memorial

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